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Northwestern Outdoor
Leadership Institute

Youth Camps

A Brighter  Future Through Education

Wilderness Youth Camps in the Idaho Panhandle

Our two-week kids summer camps are open to students ages 12 – 18 and take place in the North Idaho Panhandle in Bonner County. Campers enjoy plenty of time in nature, applying various backcountry, bushcraft, math, biology, and physics skills. No experience, tools or special aptitudes are necessary. The activities in our camps are custom designed to meet the interests and skill level of each participant. 

Teen wilderness immersion camps

Teen Wilderness Immersion Camp

July 10 - 23, 2022
Ages 12 - 18

Our professional instructors apply their experience and expertise to work directly with the students during this two-week overnight adventure camp. With a 7-to-1 student-teacher ratio, this camp offers three different areas of focus to best fit the interests of every student, including survival skills and bushcraft, survival and hunting skills, as well as art and nature photography. Teens will learn a variety of practical outdoor skills specifically designed for living off-grid through the following exercises: 

  • Shelter/Protection from the elements

  • Fire-making

  • Obtaining water

  • Self protection and hunting

  • Communication and signal

  • Camp-life and bushcraft

  • Mindset and preparations


Packtrain Summer Camp

July 24 - August 6, 2022
Ages 16 and above

In this incredible camp, students will learn the necessary skills to successfully complete a five-day trek in the backcountry with their equine. Fourth-generation rancher and expert packer, Casey Hufstader works directly with campers in shelter-building, fire-building (subject to fire regulations at the time of camp) backcountry cooking and knot-tying skills. Hobbling and high-line are required. We will provide a full list of what to bring and what not to bring in plenty of time for proper preparation for camp.  

  • Shelter-building

  • Fire-building (subject to all applicable fire regulations)

  • Backcountry cooking

  • Knot-tying

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