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Adult Training

A Brighter  Future Through Education

Adult Wilderness Training in the Idaho Panhandle

Our adult-training courses can help you live your best life by learning to overcome any obstacle and achieve your goals. Now is your chance to develop the necessary homesteading and other skills to become more adaptable, resourceful, confident, and capable, while obtaining new tools to succeed in all situations.


Living With a P.A.C.E. Mindset

July 10 - 23, 2022
Ages 16 and above

Thriving and succeeding in every area of your life requires a clear understanding of the techniques to properly observe, perceive, analyze, and assess every situation and environment. Our specially-trained instructor served for 8 years in the US Army's special operations forces and is also a former intelligence officer. He uses a broad spectrum of teaching methods and stressors to help each individual achieve their learning goals during this two-week course or any variation thereof. Objectives of living with a PACE mindset include:

  • Prevention 

  • Avoidance

  • Control

  • Escape

Pace mindset adult training session
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