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Northwestern Outdoor

Leadership Institute


A Brighter  Future Through Education

A NOLI Education Is Real, Relevant, and Wow

It's now time to get your children into an educational environment where they will thrive. 

From our youth camps and adult training courses to our day school and private-distance learning, Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute (NOLI) makes the existing education model obsolete.

Many parents today view the challenges of public schools as a catastrophic disruption to their child's learning. The truth is you likely have a better understanding of what public education has become. It would be best to view this as a fresh opportunity to take your child out of the traditional education system that is not working. Now is the time to immerse them (and yourself) in the innovative, personalized NOLI curriculum that extends beyond grades K-12 to include adults of all ages.


We created the Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute (NOLI) in 2002 as an alternative to the conventional school systems. Modeling our teaching practices after other successful non-traditional schools, we continue to modify and adapt our framework that allows our students to thrive.

Youth Camps

We teach our students to 'learn how to learn,' pursue their dreams, and become successful adults who are adept at solving problems. Our youth camps offer engaging and innovative adventures in the great outdoors that integrate our core mission to craft the next generation of statesmen and women.

Adult Training

Whether working, venturing or recreating after the pavement ends or living off the grid, our adult training programs provide opportunities to learn a variety of practical life skills for self reliance. We believe it is never too late to discover new interests, while becoming good stewards of the earth.

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Trees and Mountains

Who Are We?

I am Brian King; I have worked as an educator for over 40 years – from pre-school to university levels. I've taught professional courses to other educators about the best teaching practices.


During my career, I had witnessed the gradual decay of traditional education in America, starting in the 1980s, when ineffective teaching methodologies and government interference began to take root.

Why Are We Concerned?

Over the years, I have repeatedly received calls from parents of K-12 children who were concerned that their child's school wasn't preparing them for the real world. That teachers were too focused on coaching their kids to take tests rather than educating them on how to reason, innovate, and solve problems. That their kids hated school, either because they had an unusual learning style or were simply bored. Many complained that the values taught in their children's school were counter to their family's moral code.


It became clear that the traditional education system was not preparing children to be successful adults.

It became clear that the traditional education system was broken.


Northwestern Outdoor Leadership Institute Key Differentiators

We believe that being well-educated is more than being prepared for entering the workforce or college.

Our education model that's tailored to each student is not only what differentiates us, it's also what creates the foundation for success in every area of their lives.


We limit our classes to seven students per mentor and twenty-eight total school enrollment. This enables our instructors the freedom to have the one-on-one time necessary to properly guide and mentor each student.


Our “classrooms’” structure is more like what you would expect to see in a graduate school than a standard K-12 setting. Students of mixed ages study in small discussion groups as well as in larger teams for special projects. They work one-on-one with their mentor or individually – wherever they feel most comfortable and productive.


Intense, focused learning is balanced with unstructured, unguided free time so that students have the opportunity to play, explore, or pursue other interests such as music, art or athletics.

NOLI Differentiators

How Is NOLI Funded?

Our school and camps are purely private, and funded entirely by tuition. We do not accept government funding directly or indirectly. We do not receive corporate funds. We are not a not-for-profit corporation.


Therefore, we are not beholding to any other entity than the student and their parents. We are free to do what we believe is best for each student. We are not forced to teach what a bureaucrat mandates from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Our students do not experience the roadblocks in meeting their personal goals that the public schools put in the students' path. Please understand that charter schools, though they have a bit more freedom, they are still public schools.

Is NOLI Accredited?

For the same reasons, as listed above, we are not accredited.


Therefore, we are free to offer a custom-tailored curriculum administered in a manner that is best suited to the needs, wants, passions, and learning styles of each student.

Being solely funded by tuition absolutely guarantees us this ability. 


If NOLI were a government-accredited private school, we would have to follow their rules.


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